Lil Duval Preaches Intolerance Towards The Transgender Community

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 1.30.10 PM.png

Comedians aren’t known for being the most politically correct, and their crude jokes often stir up at least a little drama. Lil Duval is no exception, but he took it too far. Making light of a serious reality, he joked that if he learned a woman he had slept with was transgender, “it might sound fucked up, but I don’t care, she dying.” I doubt, though, that he actually meant this as a joke; I think he for the most part meant what he said. This along with many other insensitive comments such as the use of the word “tranny” and the statement that a transgender woman is still a man, has caused a huge uproar in the LGBT community. Though I believe holding the hosts of the Breakfast Club accountable isn’t fitting, since they did check him on his statements and point out that what he was suggesting is a hate crime, Lil Duval should absolutely be criticized. The rate of hate crimes on the transgender community is rising, 2016 having the most accounts ever recorded and 2017 seeming to follow trend so far. Real transgender people are actually being consistently killed just for trying to live their lives, which are just as real as any cis-gender person’s. Lil Duval stated that he was not saying he was going to kill all transgenders, just the ones who “tricked” him into having sex with a man (man by his definition”. Sorry, but that really isn’t much better. This rhetoric encourages his audience and fans to disregard the labels that these people identify with, basically stripping them of their right to live as they feel they are. It is true that it would be a little shocking to learn that your partner was born a different biological sex, but is he honestly suggesting that murder would take precedent to talking it out, or worst case discontinuing your relationship if you really can’t handle it? This response seems a little barbaric to me.

Sure this is one man’s opinion, and there are many ignorant people in the world who say stupid shit all the time. But spewing hate on a platform as popular as the Breakfast Club is going to do nothing but tell people that maybe, in some instances, hate crimes are justified. Wrong, Lil Duval. Going through the comments section of the video proves this phenomenon exactly. Sure these trolls probably already had these thoughts in their minds, and this one video isn’t the moment where they decided, hey you know what, I hate transgenders too. What the comedian’s comments did though was give these viewers a space to voice these opinions loud and proud. I was shocked at the amount of hateful voices that I saw there. The majority of comments are defending him in some way, either saying that transgender are an abomination, they are asking to get killed, people are too sensitive nowadays, comparing this “deception” to rape, and the list goes on. What could have been used as a teaching moment on acceptance and tolerance quickly went downhill in the direction of a massive, politically incorrect roast. This dialogue Lil Duval furthered takes the stigma away from discriminating against LBGT members, which is the exact opposite direction it should be going.


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